Saturday, May 29, 2010

It is now Saturday the 29th and this is the first time that I've had access to the Internet since arriving in Ireland. All is going well, the students seem to be enjoying themselves, and I've been snapping away.

We're up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so no time to post photos from every day of our adventure thus far. Here are a few images from Day 1: Day of Jet Lag.

As with all trips, ours started with a wait... several hours, actually. The flight left more or less on time but was then delayed in the air before landing in Philly. We were left to run from one terminal to the next in order to make our flight. From there on, however, all was smooth sailing.

Admittedly, a few students were concerned about what was to come... but the fear soon lifted, the skies opened, and the adventure was underway.

Once in Dublin, we embarked on a walking tour of the city.

Bethany used the time between sights/sites to let those at home know of her safe arrival in the city of Dublin.

Of course, we also saw quite a few different monuments, buildings, parks, etc. Two of my favorites include...

... the Theobald Wolfe Tone monument in Stephen's Green. Tone was a pivotal revolutionary leader during the 1790s.

I'm also a fan of...

... this very modern Famine memorial. There are two Famine monuments in Dublin. This one is probably most visible (right behind the Wolfe Tone memorial). It is by far the stranger of the two.

And, finally...

... Hey, who doesn't like Oscar Wilde? Simply one of the most amusing authors in modern history. I especially like this statue which uses colored marble to make him show up.

Not far from Oscar Wilde we stopped to remember the great Father Ted... and to take a quick group shot.

Finally, as we moved ever closer to 5pm, the group gradually fell into exhaustion and then collapse. (Of course, this did not stop the lads from exploring Dublin's night life later in the evening... but I wasn't there and wouldn't know anything about THAT!)

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